Christoph Ullmann from Laserline: Diode Laser is A Strong Tool


1. LMN: What do you think of the Global Laser and Intelligent Manufacturing Development Trend Summit Forum today? Mr. Ul

Dr. Thilo Wersborg: Precitec is the leading company in laser head


LMN: We know Precitecs ProCutter has been highly recognized by the market. This year, Precitec launched its new EdgeTec

David N Payne:fibre laser is a strong tool


Director of the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of SouthamptonIntroduction Sir David Neil Payne is a B

“In Industry 4.0, lasers provide a connection between the virtual and real w...


As scientific and technical director of Hanovers Laser Center (LZH), Prof. Ludger Overmeyer works at the interface betwe

Zhenyu Hou: How long can Moore’s law continue?


Zhenyu Hou is an engineer in AMSL in United States. It's a good opportunity that Laser Manufacture News to have this int

Herman Chui, Marketing Director of Spectra-Physics, Newport


1. Spectra-Physics is a subsidiary of Newport, starting to do laser research from 1960s, and become a famous laser brand

Talk to Alexey Shkolnik, Business Development Manager, Innolume GmbH


Innolume counting its history since 2003. Being a start-up for a long time Innolume became a profitable company with a multi-million revenue a few years ago continuously showing CAGR > 40%.

Interview: Dirk Müller, Director of Marketing, Coherent Inc.


This year, 2015, is a very exiting year for us, because we have a plethora of many different laser products that are coming to the market.

Talk to Andreas Weller, Trumpf (China) Co., Ltd.


Interviewer: Johnny Lee, editor of Laser Manufacture NewsInterviewee:Andreas Weller, CEO of Laser Technology Division, T

interview:FIANIUM, Ross Hodder, head of sales and marketing


Laser Manufacture News interview:FIANIUM, Ross Hodder, head of sales and marketing1.《激光制造商情》: Fianium 是一家专业

LMN interview: Andreas Weller, TRUMPF (China) laser devision, CEO (2014)



LMN interview: Maratas Safinas, representative of EKSPLA (China)


1.LMN:Hello, Maratas! Would you introduce EKSPLA to our readers?Maratas: Hello!My name is Maratas Safinas. EKSPLA is m

LMN interview: Markus Ruetering, Laserline, Sales Manager Asia


1LMN: We re very glad to have this chance to communicate with you. Laserline is a famous diode laser provider. Would you

LMN Interview: Algirdas Juozapavicius, Director of Light Conversion, Lithuania


1.LMN: We would like you to do an introduction of Light Conversion.Algirdas: Our company was founded in 1994,Feb,so thre