FISBA exhibits Customized Solutions for Minimally Invasive Medical Endoscopic Devices at COMPAMED in

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FISBA exhibits Customized Solutions for Minimally Invasive Medical Endoscopic Devices at COMPAMED in Dusseldorf

FISBA develops and manufacturesoptical components and optical micro systemswith innovative illumination, laser beam shaping,intelligent imaging and illumination solutions for life science applications from a single source, with all required disciplines united under one roof for customers worldwide. They are designed with the customer, developed to serial production readiness, and are producible in high quantities.

ST.GALLEN, Switzerland, November4th, 2019 FISBA, one of the world's leading independent providers in the field of micro photonics, is exhibiting from November 18-21 2019 at COMPAMED in Dusseldorf at Booth G19, Hall G19. FISBA designs and produces applications in the areas of life sciences, aerospace & defense and production engineering. FISBA offers the complete service from the first feasibility assessment to the final design, from series production to installation.

FISBA provides full services for microlenses from coating and centering to cementing and pre-assembly. Our microlenses are easily integrated into optical assemblies and are available in various glass types and shapes (plano-convex, plano-concave and biconvex).

The FISBA FISCam™ is a customizable micro camera thatdelivers impressive images and video at 30 frames per second. The compact design measures less than 2 mm in diameter and 6 mm in length, making it an ideal chip-in-tip solution for endoscopy.With a diagonal field of view of 120° and a working distance of 5 to 50mm, the FISBA FISCam™ provides a widerange of versatility.

The FISBA FISCam™is a customizable micro camera with outstanding opticalintelligent imaging performance with integrated illumination from an LED in a separate control box. Light is transported to the camera head through fiber optics bundles. It enables minimal-invasive surgery and miniaturized point-of-care diagnostics. FISBA has over 60 years of experience in optical design and system engineering and offers complete in-house mounting of the pre-assembly, which is integrated into customer systems.

FISBA is a leading and independent supplier of Microlenses and rod lenses. FISBA’s Microlenses are manufactured with diameters starting as small as 0.3 mm, making them suitable for applications in endoscopy.FISBA offers built-to-print, built-to-spec and in-house coating services, as well as fully automated assembly lines for scalable production. Microlenses are available in various glass types and shapes, such as plano-convex, plano-concave and biconvex. Every step in the production process is executed efficiently under one roof in Switzerland.

FISBA RGBeam™are customizable and compact laser modulesthat typically incorporates three or more laser diodes of different wavelengths, e.g. 638 nm red, 520 nm green, and 450 nm blue. Laser diodes are easily controllable in power and allow high frequency modulation. This enables nearly free color mixing of the module’s output up to perfect white. Free beam or fiber-coupled configuration with customizable beam characteristics enables FISBA to meet specific customer requirements.

FISBA’s expertise in design and customization, prototyping, and scaling to serial production make the FISBA FISCam™, microlenses and the FISBA RGBeam™solid solutions for many applications pertaining to life sciences challenges today.

Meet our team of experts at this year’sCOMPAMED in Dusseldorf Booth G19, Hall 8Awere they'll be on hand to answer all your questions and help find the best solutions to make your applications a success!

about FISBA
Since 1957, FISBA has been supplying photonics customers the widest range of capabilities in designing and manufacturing optical components and systems. Our highly specialized teams meet the complex and regulated demands of the Life Science, Defense and Aerospace, Industrial Production and Materials Processing markets, enabling the world's leading brands to fulfill their market potential. FISBA’s customer focused services range from ideation to device development support, engineering, supply chain optimization, to device assembly operations, all at our purpose-built facilities that support stringent market requirements while protecting our customers’ intellectual property. FISBA operates from locations in Switzerland, Germany and the USA.

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