• LZH-led group develops 'gentle' laser...

    Marine fouling on ship hulls is a major problem for the industry. This so-called biofouling increases the flow resistanc【更多详情】

    来源:optics.org 发布: 发布时间:2020-03-04
  • LZH’s MOMA laser ready for flight to Mars

    In December, theMars Organic Molecule Analyser (MOMA) laser, developed byLaser Zentrum Hannover(LZH), Germany, was switc【更多详情】

    来源:optics.org 发布: 发布时间:2020-01-19
  • Femtosecond laser scribing key to organic solar...

    A new development project led byFraunhofer Institute of Laser Technology (ILT)in Aachen, Germany, is employing a variety【更多详情】

    来源:optics.org 发布: 发布时间:2019-12-24
  • Tesla Wants to Put Lasers on Its Cars. Here’s ...

    Teslawants to mount lasers—yes, lasers—on its cars.It might sound like a gimmick. But the logic behind a recentpate...【更多详情】

    来源:BARRON'S 发布: 发布时间:2019-12-12
  • Even Greater Precision While Scanning Without L...

    Puchheim, Germany –Dec. 6, 2018– OEM laser deflection and positioning systems manufacturerSCANLABGmbH now adds even...【更多详情】

    来源:laserfair.com 发布: 发布时间:2018-12-17
  • Product piracy:glass marking fights counterfeiting

    For the last few years, the rate of counterfeiting has been increasing in almost all areas. Apart from financial losses【更多详情】

    来源:laserfair.com 发布:johnny 发布时间:2018-02-02
  • From Hannover around the world and to the Mars:...

    In three years, the rocket of the European-Russian ExoMars 2020 mission shall start its nine-month journey to Mars, toge【更多详情】

    来源:LZH 发布:Johnny 发布时间:2017-11-21
  • Additive manufacturing makes headway in aircraf...

    Airbus' investigations into additive manufacturing processes started more than 20 years ago, first with plastics...【更多详情】

    来源: 发布: 发布时间:2017-10-21
  • Alternative with a bright future

    Based on the potential thread of lacking the allowance to use hard chrome plating for metal parts as of September 201...【更多详情】

    来源:Laser Fair 发布:Nick 发布时间:2017-08-15
  • Photoacoustic Technique Can Detect Gases in Min...

    Using a novel variation on the photoacoustic effect, scientists have demonstrated a way to detect trace gases down to co【更多详情】

    来源:photonics 发布:Nick 发布时间:2017-08-07
  • EHLA: TRUMPF is ready for extreme high-speed la...

    New EHLA method capable of extremely high laser deposition welding speeds enables TRUMPF laser systems to coat large-are【更多详情】

    来源:Laser Manufacture News 发布: 发布时间:2017-07-24
  • Novel Laser Design Offers Multi-Color Output

    A cost-effective laser design that outputs multi-color lasing could improve information flow in optical fibers, and allo【更多详情】

    来源:photonics.com 发布: 发布时间:2017-07-17
  • Window to the Brain Could Enable Laser Surgery

    RIVERSIDE, Calif.Use of a novel material, nanocrystalline yttria-stabilized zirconia (nc-YSZ), to make cranial implants【更多详情】

    来源:photonics.com 发布: 发布时间:2016-09-29
  • Light-induced electron movement to lead to high...

    A collaboration of researchers from institutes in Germany and Japan has optimised the interaction of light and glass tha【更多详情】

    来源:www.electrooptics.com/ 发布: 发布时间:2016-06-14
  • Jenoptik Opens US Technology Campus

    JENA, Germany, June 8, 2016The Jenoptik Group is investing $15 million in its Rochester Hills, Mich., location, creating【更多详情】

    来源:photonics.com 发布: 发布时间:2016-06-13
  • East China industrial center pushes for robots ...

    East China's industrial bases are turning to robotics to replace human labor as the region strains to upgra...【更多详情】

    来源:English.news.cn 发布:Julie 发布时间:2015-11-06
  • Rise of the robots inevitable in China

    As China's population declines, experts are calling for more research into artificial intelligence, big data and...【更多详情】

    来源:English.news.cn 发布:Julie 发布时间:2015-10-10
  • ROFIN Introduces New Dedicated Laser Solutions ...

    The system is based on the market-leading MPS laser workstation and the DILAS Compact Evolution laser sources and com...【更多详情】

    来源:Rofin 发布:Julie 发布时间:2015-10-10
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