Shenzhen DNE Laser introduced new generation D-FAST cutting machine (12000 W)



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Shenzhen DNE laser Equipment Co. Ltd (Refer to as “DNE laser”) introduced a new generation of D-FAST fiber laser cutting machine. The new generation of D-FAST fiber laser cutting machine with faster, more stable and high power is designed by Bystronic . It adopts imported core components, which has faster cutting speed, higher cutting precision and higher equipment stability.

DNE laser specializes in the development, production, sales and service of metal laser cutting machines, focusing on technological innovations in the development, design and production of each type of equipment. Through scientific design, precision manufacturing, and strictly in accordance with the quality management system to ensure that each production process, to ensure the performance and quality of each factory equipment.

The introduction of the new generation of D-FAST (12000W) fiber laser cutting machine has also brought DNE laser's product technology to a new level. Intelligent touch screen control system, tailor-made human-machine interface window, the first double-sided sliding door design, safe and environmentally friendly human-machine environment, easy to use and maintain, all show the humanization of the design and the principle of market and customer-oriented.