Menhir Photonics Introduces the MENHIR-1550 The Industry's First Turnkey Femtosecond Laser of

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Unmatched combination of high-repetition rate, ultra-low noise and extreme reliability opens new possibilities for industrial applications

SAN FRANCISCO/Photonics West 2019

Menhir Photonics introduces today — the MENHIR-1550 — the first industrial-grade, femtosecond laser operating at 1550 nm with GHz repetition-rate and ultra-low noise performance offering unprecedented reliability enabling applications in the field and in an industrial environment. 

The introduction of the MENHIR-1550 advances applications bridging photonics and electronics in a variety of domains, including the synchronization of large-scale facilities, low-noise microwave generation or telecommunication through the air.

The MENHIR-1550 is an “all-in-one system” with power supply, control electronics and optical components integrated into one box offering a truly easy to use turnkey laser. With unprecedented robustness and reliability, the MENHIR-1550 allows applications in industrial environment and situations like never before. 


Photo of the MENHIR-1550 (from of Menhir Photonics)

For more insights about the performances of our MENHIR-1550, please visit us at Photonics West - Booth #4480- North-Hall.