UK developed an organic distributed feedback laser



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Optical pump organic solid-state lasers have attracted wide attention due to their ease of create of coherent light sources, their adjustable wavelength in the visible light range, their free disposal, and their good biocompatibility. Such lasers have a wide range of applications in data exchange, bioimaging, and chemical detection. So far, organic LEDs, solar cells, and field-effect transistors have all been realized with flexibility and ultra-light manufacturing, but most organic lasers are still hard materials because they require solid support media. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a flexible and lightweight semiconductor laser.

Recently, Professor Malte C Gather's group at the University of St Andrews, UK, obtained a kind of organic distributed feedback laser based on polymer film, unsupported and ultra-thin, through a simple manufacturing method. This laser is less than 500 nm, ultra-light (m/A < 0.5 gm-2), and has excellent mechanical flexibility. This work was published in Nature Communications under the title "Flexible and Ultra-Lightweight Polymer Membrane Lasers."

Figure 1. Thin Film Laser Fabrication and Physical Properties


(a). The laser array is immersed in water;

(b). The composition of the laser array;

(c). Graphic floating film

(d). Floating film

(e). Vertical laser emission of a second-order DFB laser film;

(f). Thin film laser maps;


Figure 2. Characterization of Thin Film Lasers


(a). Input-output properties of lasers of different materials;

(b). Emission spectra of thin-film lasers based on F80.9BT0.1;

(c). Spectral linewidth vs device input energy density;

(d). Near-field and far-field launches;


Figure 3. Application of Thin Film Laser Banknote Security



Figure 4. Thin Film Lasers for Wearable Safety Tags




In this work, the authors reported that a simple distributed fabrication method was used to obtain a polymer distributed thin-film, unsupported and ultra-thin organic distributed feedback laser. This laser is less than 500 nm, ultra-light (m/A < 0.5 gm-2), and has excellent mechanical flexibility.