Photodigm is the world’s leading specialist manufacturer of single spatial and longitudinal mode laser diodes. Our monolithic laser diode products deliver unsurpassed performance for atom optics, non-linear optics, precision instruments, and high speed pulsed operation where beam quality and spectral purity are critical.  Our team designs, produces, and delivers superior laser products by focusing on the needs of our customers, then projecting those requirements onto the semiconductor in our own wafer fabrication facility.  Our laser fab distinguishes us from our competition, because we can control all aspects of design and production. As a result our proprietary DBR lasers conform to the highest standards of beam quality and deliver the highest powers available today in individual single mode laser diodes. Furthermore, our monolithic distributed Bragg grating / ridge waveguide laser design enables us to bring the scalability of semiconductor economics to our customers as they bring their products to market, a roadmap that no hybrid design can hope to follow. 

Since 2000 we have specialized in Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) technology. Our proprietary tool set and extensive know-how in DFB and DBR laser design and fab has resulted in instrument quality lasers with industry-leading performance.  Our monolithic design incorporates passive gratings and single growth epi to achieve the industry's highest power, reliability, and overall performance.  They are available certified to precise wavelengths  for use in the most demanding applications in spectroscopy, metrology, and analysis.   

For more information about Photodigm, please contact

John E. Spencer, President and CEO

972 235 7584, ext 2223