China is to Accelerate the Development of Laser Hardening Application

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One of the projects of the national key research and development plan that Xi'an Tyrida Optronics Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “Tyrida”) undertook, "The Application Of Laser Hardening Technology in the Fields of Aerospace and Rail Transit", started in Xi'an recently. This indicates that China aims to use laser hardening technology to strengthen the weak links in key components manufacturing in the fields of aerospace and rail transit.
Tyrida has started researching on laser shock processing, the world's most advanced technology of metal surface treatment, since 2007. In 2008, the research of "Sets of Equipments of Laser Shock Processing and Its Key Technology", which were completed jointly by Tyrida and Air Force Engineering University, was approved the by relevant national departments. After that, Tyrida built the first production line of laser shock processing in China. Later, the company cooperated with the military and civilian enterprises in the field of aviation to conduct laser shock research and mass production on various models of aircraft engine parts.
In March 2016, the project Tyrida led to undertake, "The Application Of Laser Hardening Technology in the Fields of Aerospace and Rail Transit", was officially listed in national key research and development plan. Participating partners includes 6 domestic universities and 9 enterprises (5 national key laboratories, 3 national engineering technology centers and more than 100 scientific and technical personnel). In the project, the technical standards, technical procedures, and database specification of laser hardening for key components in aerospace and rail transit will be completed, by using technologies including numerical simulation, sound and light monitoring, flight guide light, high repetition frequency flight quenching and double beam co-scanning; and then sets of fixed and mobile laser hardening equipments will be developed, which will improve the fatigue strength of aeroengine blades by more than 15% and the service life of the key parts of steel rail by over 10 times.
"When the project finished, China is possible to become the first country in the world to master the technology of rail on-line hardening, and the second country to master the technology of laser shock scale application." said Wei Nong, Chairman of Tyrida.