LIA’s Baker Retires




Peter Baker, the executive director of the Laser Institute of America (LIA), has retired from his position after decades at the professional society’s helm.
Baker began his relationship with LIA as a speaker at its very first conference for materials processing in 1980. He was elected LIA’s executive director in 1988. Baker and his wife, Sunny, opened the Orlando office in April of 1989. Noting that Baker served LIA for more than half of its existence, Paul Denney, the president of LIA, said that Baker “[took] an organization that consisted of a handful of academics and engineers to an organization that is recognized as a world-leading society for laser safety and applied laser technology.” 
Denney and the LIA Selection Committee will be working to fill the position. In the transition, Baker will be available to help guide the new executive director in the role, and LIA will continue to benefit from his mentorship. 
In 2016, Baker was the first recipient of LIA’s Leadership Award, which was designed to highlight an individual who exhibited outstanding leadership in an organization and who significantly benefited the laser industry. Going forward, the award will be named after him, signifying his profound worldwide impact and advancement in laser sciences and applications. 
LIA is the professional society for laser applications and safety, serving the industrial, educational, medical, research and government communities.