Tips on Water Chiller Maintenance During Long Summer Holiday



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Summer is a holiday season. It is middle of July now and some of the European countries have already started the long summer holiday which generally lasts from July to August. How to maintain your S&A water chiller in a good condition during this time? Today we will give you guys some tips.


1.  Before holiday


A.  Drain out all the cooling water from the laser machine and the chiller to prevent the cooling water from being frozen in non-working status, for that will do harm to the chiller. Even though the chiller has added anti-freezer, the cooling water should be all drained out, for most of the anti-freezers are corrosive and it is not suggested to keep them inside the water chiller for a long time.


B.  Disconnect the power of the chiller in order to avoid any accident when no one is available.


2.  After holiday


A.  Fill the chiller with certain amount of cooling water and reconnect the power.


B.  Turn on the chiller directly if your chiller has been kept in an environment above 5℃ and the cooling water doesn’t get frozen during the holiday.


C.  However, if the chiller has been kept in an environment below 5℃, use the warm-air blowing device to blow the internal pipe of the chiller until the frozen water defreeze and then turn on the water chiller. Or just simply wait for some time after water filling and then turn the chiller on.


D.  Please note that it might trigger flow alarm due to the slow water flow caused by the bubble in the pipe during the first-time operation after water filling. In this case, restart the water pump several times every 10-20 seconds.