The advantages of Ultraviolet laser in applications

source:Laser Fair


keywords: Ultraviolet laser; PCB processing; Laser application


Laser beam usually can be a low-voltage alternative to PCB processing, such as milling or automatic PCB cutting. Nonetheless, the ultraviolet laser has the advantage none of the other lasers have, that it can limit the thermal stress. Because almost ultraviolet laser systems can operate under low power.


By using the process which sometimes is called “cold ablation”, the beam of the ultraviolet laser will create a heat affected zone, which will minimize the effects of burring, carbonization and thermal stress. The high power lasers, on the other hand, usually have these issues.


The wavelength of the ultraviolet laser is shorter than the visible light’s, therefore the ultraviolet can not be seen by the eyes. Although these beams are invisible, they make the ultraviolet laser focus more accurate, hence while creating extreme subtle circuit characteristics, the ultraviolet laser can still remain well positional accuracy.


Except for short wavelength and the low-temperature workpiece, the high-energy photon within the ultraviolet makes ultraviolet laser available to large PCB combinations and suitable for materials ranging from FR4 standard material to High-frequency ceramic composites, as well as flexible materials for PCB, including polyimide.


The ultraviolet laser has an extremely high absorptivity when being applied to resin and copper and a decent absorptivity when processing glass. Better absorptivity can be gained only by using the expensive excimer laser(wavelength: 248nm) to process the major materials.


The diversities of the materials make ultraviolet laser the best option for material applying in many industries. From producing circuit board, PCB wiring to compact embedded chip, the ultraviolet laser is applied to both basic, simple or advanced, sophisticated process.


From computer-aided-design databases to PCB processing, the ultraviolet laser system is fully automatic, which means no operator is required during the process, plus the ability of precise focusing, the ultraviolet laser system can implement unique solutions, and resetting.