Talk to Alexey Shkolnik, Business Development Manager, Innolume GmbH

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 1.     LMN: Would youplease make a short introduction of Innolume to our readers?

Innolume counting its history since 2003. Being a start-up for a long time Innolume became a profitable company with a multi-million revenue a few years ago continuously showing CAGR > 40%. Initially Innolume team had an idea of commercializing of Quantum Dots technology which would allow to cover the 11XX-12XXnm wavelength gap between GaAs and InP material systems, but later on Innolume strongly expanded the wavelength range and currently is offering any type of laser diode chips in 780nm-1340nm range.

Innolume runs full vertically integrated fab having in-house all required equipment for production of Laser Diode chip and Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC). That includes two industrial scale MBE systems, complete wafer processing line, unique proprietary laser chip mirrors coating and back-end equipped with automated machines. Mainly concentrated on the chip production (current capacity exceeds 10M chips/year) Innolume holds highly reliable single mode fiber coupling technology for prototyping and low volume manufacturing on-site and to run high volume production in Asia.


2.     LMN: What are the product portfolios of Innolume, and how many series do you have?

I would split our products in a few main categories – high power single mode lasers, high power multi-mode lasers, SLDs, gain chips, SOAs, DFB, LEDs, etc... Basically in all of these categories our devices are taking the leading positions by performance and reliability.


3.     LMN:As I know, Innolume have a broad range wavelength of products, what’s the advantage when you provide the laser diode?

Our main advantage is our flexibility in customizing of standard products–as we have all equipment on site we can adjust existing products or develop completely new ones very fast being always responsible for providing customers with top performance and high reliability fully meeting target specifications.


4.     LMN: What products does Innolume bring to Laser World of Photonics China 2016?

At this period we are mainly concentrating on the high power laser diodes which can be used as components for the fiber lasers, namely we are targeting to enter market of the seed lasers for fiber lasers. I want to remind that on top of standard wavelength e.g. 1030nm, 1064nm or 1080nm we can make any wavelength on request.


5.     LMN: The laser source market is growing well in the past several years, did Innolume benefit from this and extend your market?

We are starting to take off together with our Chinese customers expecting more volume in coming years.


6.     LMN: would you talk about the existence and market development of Innolume in China?

It is very hard to work on Chinese market remotely and I want to introduce our distributor – Delight Photonics, who has shown themselves as an efficient and reliable partner in China. We would recommend everybody who might be interested in our products to contact this company – they will get immediate and professional assistance.


7.     LMN: what do you think of China market and expectation? (any opportunity, or challenges ? )

It is a good opportunity and we will work on not to miss a good chance here. 

Johnny Li /Laser Manufacture News