Doping Quantum Dot Lasers Helps Them Release Light More Efficiently


LOS ALAMOS, N.M., Nov. 17, 2017 — Doping quantum dots (QDs) with additional electrons has been found to cause the specially designed QDs to produce laser light with less stimulation and less energy loss.

Bosch Packaging Technology wins German Design Award 2018


The first freely scalable vertical flat pouch machineHonoured in the Excellent Product Design categorySigpack VPF offers

Laser light show scheduled to achieve Guinness World Records title


To celebrate its tenth anniversary, laser light show and laser system design specialist ER Productions (Dartford, Kent, England) will attempt a Guinness World Records title for the largest laser show at Live Design International (LDI) in...

China 'leads' fiber-optic sensing deployments


The US lags “well behind” China and Germany in terms of fiber-optic sensing for infrastructure applications – according to what is believed to be the largest application survey of the technology ever published.

3D Systems selected for BMW’s AM processes


3D Systems this week announced the award of a new three-year contract with automaker BMW. The contract for the company's On Demand Manufacturing services includes production of 3D-printed parts that the vehicle maker will use for de...

Rofin-Sinar UK Ltd acquired by CMR GmbH


CMR GmbH (CMR), a European private investor, reported yesterday that it has purchased Rofin-Sinar UK (RSUK) from Coheren

Coherent boosted by bookings milestone


The stock price of Coherent has risen in value by around 10 per cent after the California-headquartered laser company posted news of record-breaking sales and orders in its latest financial quarter.

Complex States of Light Generated via Metasurface


Researchers have designed a method for converting arbitrary spin angular momentum (SAM) states of light into total angular momentum states. This method is characterized by the superposition of independent orbital angular momentum (OAM) a...

Lockheed to adapt fiber laser weapon for fighter jet


The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has selected Lockheed Martin to lead a $26.3 million project to develop a high-power fiber laser weapon for a tactical fighter jet.

TRUMPF opens new logistics center at headquarters


TRUMPF (Ditzingen, Germany) has opened a new logistics center at its headquarters in Ditzingen—an investment totaling around €40 million to give its customers faster access to consumables and spare parts.

Universal Display upbeat as OLED adoption booms


Organic LED (OLED) materials developer Universal Display Corporation (UDC) has increased its sales expectations for the year, as the technology finds its way into a growing number of high-profile consumer electronics products.

Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Aircraft Parts


Physicists from Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) are currently working to create hydrogen-resistant products out of titanium alloys. The production of metal products via additive manufacturing ensures less material consumption as well ...

Prof. Reinhart Poprawe awarded the Peter M. Baker Leadership Award 2017


The “Peter M. Baker Leadership Award” of the Laser Institute of America LIA stands for providing outstanding leadership, significantly enriching the laser community as well as decisively participating in the technological advancement o...

Laser pulse shrinks to 43 attoseconds


ETH Zurich team hits new record-breaking mark, beating previous best of 53 attoseconds set at University of Central Florida.

Orders soar at Electro Scientific


CEO Michael Burger hails 'extraordinary demand' for company’s laser micromachining equipment as stock price jumps 30%. Electro Scientific Industries (ESI), the Portland, Oregon, provider of laser micromachining equipment, has ...

Berkeley Lab and aBeam develop process to nanoimprint devices on tip of an op...


A high-throughput fabrication technique allows researchers to print a nanoscale imaging probe and potentially other devices onto the tip of a glass optical fiber. The process opens the door for the widespread adoption of this and other n...

II-VI sees benefits of EUV 'surge'


Diversified photonics and materials company II-VI has posted an 18 per cent increase in sales, thanks in part to demand stimulated by the adoption of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography in chip production. The Pittsburgh-headquartered ...

Ford's Argo self-drive unit acquires lidar firm Princeton Lightwave...


Ford Motor Company’s Argo AI (artificial intelligence) unit, which develops software for self-driving vehicles, has announced that it is buying Princeton Lightwave, one of the oldest makers of lidar sensing devices (founded in 2000) tha...