BIO-133 enables Breakthrough Imaging In multiple Bio-Photonic Applications

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BIO-133 from MY Polymers Ltd. enables breakthrough in fluorescence microscopy.  The refractive index of this UV cured polymer is 1.33 – the same as water, cells and tissues. Therefore, it eliminates imaging distortion. In addition, the material was designed to minimize cytotoxicity and fluorescence.


A recent paper (Shroff, H. et al.) shows that BIO-133 enables diffraction-limited and super-resolution imaging. It shows that high-resolution light-sheet microscopy with water-dipping objectives is fully compatible with micro-fluidic setups, a goal though by many in the field to be impossible; It describes benchmarking performance on 2 cell lines, 3 microscope types, and live Drosophila and C. elegans tissue; And it demonstrates that BIO-133 can be easily cast into multiple different immobilization/microfluidic setups.

BIO-133 has additional applications in bio-photonics, including in the fabrication of pico-liter arrays or micro-well arrays. The picture bellow shows the improved image quality when using BIO-133 and BIO-134 for casting the micro-well arrays.


In addition to micro-fluidic devices and micro-well arrays, BIO-133 is used also to improve image resolution in various imaging applications where the surface is patterned in any manner.   One interesting example is the fabrication of micro-pillars, which are used to study cellular processes.  The image below show the improved quality when building the micro-pillars from BIO-133 (right picture) as compared to PDMS (left picture).


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